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The Health Science Institute

Welcome to a thriving research community in health sciences. Our scientists create knowledge and attack important scientific questions in all fields of health and biomedical sciences every day. They work across six faculties and in numerous research groups and institutions. They also communicate their specialized knowledge to around 3000 students in both undergraduate and graduate studies.

All scientists, faculties and research units of the School of Health Sciences belong to the Health Research Institute.



COVID-19 Impact

Staff and students of the School of Health Sciences have contributed in many ways during the COVID-19 challenge:

  • Creating a prediction model for the number of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 and the corresponding burden on the health care system.
  • Helping the infection tracking team from the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.
  • Conducting a research with the aim of increasing knowledge about the epidemic’s effects on the well-being and lifestyle of Icelanders.


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APRT Deficiency (1) Biomarkers (2) Biotechnology (2) Birth and Pregnancy (1) Cancer (2) Children (2) Consumption (2) Covid-19 (7) Drug-induced (1) Epidemiology (10) Eye Disease (2) Food (3) Food Chemistry (4) Food Engineering (2) Food Microbiology (2) Food Safety (2) Genetics (2) Health Care (14) Health Care Decision Making (9) Health Care Safety (9) Health Promotion (4) Innovation (2) Kidney Disease (3) Lifestyle (4) Liver Injury (1) Lung Disease (3) Maternal Health Care (5) Maternity Care (5) Motion Analysis (3) Neurological Function (2) Nutritional Status (6) Nutrition and Diseases (6) Nutrition of the Elderly (3) Perinatal Health (3) Perioperative Outcomes (1) Pharmacology (2) Physical Activity (5) Physical Functioning (5) Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (2) Product Development (2) Prothetics and Orthotics (2) Psychology (7) Pulmonary Fibrosis (1) Sustainability (2) Well Being (7)